Hi, I'm Cosmin.
I'm a web developer who cares about your dreams.

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My Last Project

I am a bit of a hybrid Web Developer and like to utilize my skills both front and back end as well as keep in touch with my creative side designing websites.

Bia Art Texil

Bia Art Textil is a company tat provides textil services. This website has a retro and vintage design. The websit is write in Laravel 5, a PHP framework, and bootstrap3, a front-end framework.


This website is made to present the Technomill company. This provide agricultural service like: Silo, Mechanization, Conveyor Bands, Grain Cleaners, and other

Mouthy - Social Networking

Mouthy provides a free social networking service. This platform is build to social networks or social relations among people who shere similar interests and activities.


Redesign A website with a modern design but also simple and easy to use , improves the image of your business . Read more
Web Design
Web Design My goal No. 1 is that any website created must bring profit. Never made ​​no sites will put you in a bad light but in a favorable stance . Read more
SEO One of the best ways to make your business website to be known is to be on the first page of search engines (Google,Yahoo,etc.). Read more
Wordpress Wordpress is a platform that allows you to update website content without the need to turn to a web design company to do so . Read more
E-commerce When you have a store or commercialize products, the best way to present and sell them is through an online store . Read more
Site Full Responsive
Site Full Responsive When you create a website should account it needs a design to adapt to all devices . Read more

Let’s chat! Contact me to: cosmin.strachinescu0@gmail.com